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advertise with us

advertise with us


With the advancement of technology in the Arab world, and based on our great experience in the field of marketing and advertising, we offer advanced services in the field of targeted marketing and advertisements of all kinds. Our advertising ensures that the client gets the largest possible percentage of successful transfers to the campaign goal through coordination and setting goals in advance.


"Bahbash" relies on classified ads provided completely free of charge and also provides additional advertising solutions to reach the desired goals from those marketing campaigns and reach the highest possible performance.


Bahbash has a large advertising team with great experience that guarantees you to define your advertising needs and implement them in the fastest and most recent technical ways and available resources


It also adopts all types of small and large projects and provides flexible advertising prices consistent with the size of the company declared in a way that ensures the success of their ads with the desired speed and goal.


Available ad spaces:


- You can at any time add an ad for a product or service that you provide for free, and at any time you wish it is free and will remain free

Advertising banners of different sizes on all pages or specific pages

- Featured ads ensure that your ad stays on the main page and on the first page of ads

Advertisements through our platforms on Social Media



Why do you advertise with us?

Various content

Whatever product you sell or the service you provide, you will definitely find similar content

Interested audience

Our audience in Bahbash, and through the confidence that we provide to our customers, shows interest and interaction with the content published on it. Be sure to keep your ad in front of him.

High targeting accuracy

Building a distinctive “Habash” platform that enables you to target your current or potential customers at the moment they read a topic in the same field that you are advertising, which saves you time, effort, and money as well


Prices to suit every budget

Whatever the size of your company, and whatever your advertising budget, you can start advertising with us because our prices are suitable for everyone


Disapproved ads:

Forums, Forex, rapid financial profit, chatting, network / hierarchical marketing,… advertising should be a positive target, away from negativity and lack of clarity. We reserve the right to reject any ad.