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Delivery and return terms

Terms of delivery and return for paid services:


1 - The paid services provided by ba7bsh.com are permanently committed to the conditions of the service provided and are not entitled to change or provide incomplete services except in the case of exceptional circumstances that are not expected to be immediately indicated.

2- ba7bsh.com is committed to providing the paid service at the agreed time and according to the service description

And any delay in providing any information required by the beneficiary of the service does not bear "Habash" responsibility

2- In the event that the customer wants to recover the amount paid before the start of the service, he sends an official request to search for the intention of stopping the service before the start and any expenses resulting from returning the amount paid for the service may be deducted

3- In the event that any service is started, the customer loses the right to recover any money paid or agreed upon and is obliged to pay any additional expenses that are required

Services and products that do not have the right to recovery:

1- Any products for personal use, and one-time products

2- Products that are not suitable for health and hygiene in return if the package is opened by the buyer after its delivery to the buyer, which are products that are mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be separated by nature, except for periodic publications such as newspapers and magazines, except for those stipulated in the subscription agreement

3- Services that are performed immediately in the electronic environment or intangible goods that are delivered to the consumer, in addition to audio or video recordings, books, digital content, software, data recording devices, data storage and computer consumables

4- If the package is opened by the buyer, it cannot be returned according to the regulations. Additionally, before the right to withdraw, the right to withdraw cannot be used in connection with services that have started with consumer approval, according to the regulations.